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First release of 2019 for dayTrack app has been rolled out now.

New version of dayTrack is now available on Google Play Store

Release Date: 8 January 2019

First release of 2019 for dayTrack app has been rolled out now. We have not only added few new features to make your team more productive and connected with company, reporting officers. Based on the feedback from clients and lot of analysis 3 major features have been added.

Following are the features which have been done in this release:

Introduction of dayTrack chat between team leaders and members
Audio notes option during visit, team leader and admin can listen to it from the panel
Admin can now create more categories of customers
User can add additional contact persons details with client's profile
Contact person name can be selected with whom the user has met
Notifications issue resolved for few devices
Day Plan upgraded and bug fixed for few devices
Performance improvements
Known bugs fixed...

We hope new features will help you do more...

On 9th January 2019 both old and new versions will run but from 10 January 2019, old versions of dayTrack app will not work. 

Update, Install Employee Tracking App from Google Play Store -




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Force user to take image during visit

Admin can force user to take at least one image during visit to any contact. User will not be allowed to do check out till the user takes on image using the dayTrack app. This helps admin to get authentic pic from the site where user had made a visit.

Admin can set this setting from admin panel > dayTrack App Users > View app users > Edit user profile > Check "User must take image during visit" Please note that the effect on user will be from next day login. 

dayTrack app release - 12 Apr 2018

New version of dayTrack app has been released today. For dayTrack, its users are its backbone and inputs given by them are implemented by our technical team. Based on the various feedback from users and inputs from our team, the new version has been released to make your experience better.

Following are the features which have been done in this release:

  • Attendance issue resolved
  • Team Leader will get a notification when any of his team members will mark attendance
  • The user can mark weekly off
  • The user can now set the purpose of the visit when check-in is done
  • Admin can force the user to take image during the visit
  • The user can set the category of the image uploaded
  • The user can set/update the category of client
  • Image retake option in digital forms
  • The team leader can see it's team members in list/map view
  • The team leader can view or do a check-in on his/her team members contacts
  • Known bugs fixed...

 We hope new features will help you do more...


dayTrack app release details

Team dayTrack will not keep you updated about the new version release of the dayTrack app

This will keep you updated about the changes we made in the app and how you can use them in your business.

The new version of the app to be released shortly. Stay tuned!

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