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Coronavirus - Steps companies can take to protect their teams


As COVID-19 becomes a matter of global concern, this is the high time that we should do our best to protect ourselves and help other too doing so. We at dayTrack are taking some proactive measures to help minimize the chances of spread of the Novel Corona Virus or Covid-19. For dayTrack the safety of it's employees, customers, and other connected people is always a matter of top priority - now more than ever before.

After some research and deliberation, here is what we have implemented (and are implementing) at dayTrack. These are the common practices that any organization can follow for the benefit of all.

Please note that the information given on this post/web-page/document/email is for awareness and discussion purposes only. The opinion/content/tips are not coming from a competent medical professional and we advice you to consult your nearest health provider for professional and expert opinion on the matter.

Actions Taken/Being Taken By dayTrack

1. Sent out a medical advisory containing tips and guidelines to all our team members including a recommendation on taking leave/Work From Home if they experience cold/cough and seek medical advice immediately.

Tips given to our team members

a. Wash/sanitise your hands frequently; especially after touching surfaces that are known to carry germs such as door handles, currency notes, washroom faucets etc. We will provide a sanitizer at the entrances so please make sure that you sanitise your hands every time you enter the office.

b. Wear a mask while commuting to minimise the risk of catching infection from others - this is particularly applicable if you commute via public transport including buses, metro, cabs, and autos.

c. Requested all team members to avoid hand shake with each other and visitors also, instead say "Hello" or "Namaste" with a smile :)

d. Avoid visiting crowded places (markets, restaurants etc.) unless absolutely necessary.

e. Avoid touching your eyes, noses, mouth; especially with unwashed hands.

f. If you develop a cold, cough or flu like symptoms - please get yourself tested at the earliest and take work from home/leaves till you fully recover.

2. Educating our team to follow the advises shared by Government and/or concerned authority time to time.

2. Distributed regular surgical masks (green/blue ones) to all the team members and have advised them to use it while commuting, especially those who commute via public transport (including buses, metro, cabs, and autos).

3. Providing hand sanitizer to all the team members and external visitors (including the courier delivery person) as soon as they enter the office so that in case they are carrying any infection from use of public transport, lift buttons, washrooms, door handles etc. can be eliminated at the entrance itself.

5. We are avoiding on-site sales meetings and training sessions, instead we are doing meetings through Video Conferencing now. We seek cooperation from our customers in this regard. At the same time we are educating our customers also to start taking benefit of the technology for business meetings. 

6. Made a list of common surfaces inside the office (the current list here) that will now be cleaned at least twice a day.

7. Making a daily checklist (the kind you may have seen in public/hotel/mall washrooms listing the cleaning schedule) to ensure all of the above gets executed as planned.

Hope you find it useful. You may share this post by using the link given below and help others also to take necessary steps at their office premises.

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We will keep updating this page with any new action that we take in future.

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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