Navigating Sales Team Challenges: Overcoming Obstacles for Optimal Performance Of Your Sales Employee
Your Problems
  • Not easy to know where employees are working
  • Day planning access/review is not possible
  • No authentic way to validate attendance timings
  • How many actual visits done
  • No idea of time spent at customer's location
  • Customers database creating is not easy
  • Delay in getting reports from sales employees
  • Monthly travel expense has no transparency
  • Expenses are submitted monthly
  • Approval and validation of expenses is tedious
Our Solution - dayTrack App
  • You know where your sales employees are
  • You/TL can assign route to employees
  • Attendance with true time and GPS details
  • Visits can be marked at the customer's location
  • Check-in and check-out time recorded for visits
  • Customer data is saved on your account via app
  • Online reports are available in real-time
  • Travelled distance is calculated with GPS logs
  • Expenses are submitted in real-time with bill pic
  • Expenses are pre-validated with approval layers
More Details About Employee Tracking App

Sales employee tracking is a vital practice for modern businesses seeking to optimize their sales teams' performance. Through this process, companies monitor and analyze various aspects of their sales representatives' activities, including daily attendance, customer visits, orders booked, payment collected and taking pictures from customer's locations. By leveraging data-driven insights, managers can identify top performers, pinpoint areas for improvement, and provide personalized training to enhance the team's overall productivity. Companies which offer maintenance/service activities can take advantage of the solution by getting true information about representative's service attending time and images of the activities performed. Ultimately, sales employee tracking empowers businesses to foster a customer-centric approach and drive revenue growth through well-informed sales strategies. Read more about the features of employee tracking app

Key Features - Employee Tracking App

Track, Manage, and Maximize Your Workforce Potential

Attendance Module of Sales Employee Tracking App, Software
GPS Tagged Attendance

dayTrack app caputres selfie, true-time, trvel mode and day plan.

Sales Staff Visit Capturing using Employee Tracking App
Customer Visits

Sales/service employee can mark their customer visits which will capture true-time, GPS location, photo, order, payment and visit notes.

Expense Management Of Field Workforce With Employee Tracking App
Expense Management

All expenses of the employee can be logged in dayTrack which will be first approved by reporting manager and then by the admin. Bill copy can be attached with the claim.

Automated Reports Of On Field Sales/Service Staff Work using Employee Tracking App

Admin will have access to reports on web based control panel.

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Clients of the dayTrack app
Clients of the dayTrack app
Clients of the dayTrack app

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